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10th Grade Chemistry

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Chemistry I

Back to Chemistry I Overview

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Chemistry I  

Intro to Periodic Table


Balancing Equations

Acids and Bases

Potential/Kinetic Energy

Specific Heat

Atomic Bonding


Wave/particle Duality

Quantized energy levels

Electron Configuration


Gas Properties

Liquid/Solid Properties


Chemical Equilibrium


Significant Figures

Conversion of SI units

Naming compounds

Moles and molarity

Molecular/emipirical formulas

Percent composition

Limiting/excess reagents

Actual/theoretical yield

Hess' Law

Electron energy orbitals

Atomic Properties and correlation

with the Periodic Table

Ionic/covalent bonding

Octet Rule

Organic Compound Families

Relating pressure, volume,

temperature of gases

Ideal Gas Law


State Changes

Vapor Pressure

Le Chatelier's Principle


Portfolio Artifacts  

Stoichiometry Lab

Ionic reactions Lab

Problem Sets/Tests

Titration Lab

Calorimetry Lab

Problem Sets/Tests

Problem Sets/Tests
Integrated Units  

Chemistry: Elements of History

   Davidson College Chemistry Magic Show
Field Trips & Speakers  


Resources   Chemistry: Matter and its Changes Chemistry: Matter and its Changes Chemistry: Matter and its Changes


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