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10th Grade Overview

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Tenth Grade Overview



  • AP World History: AP World History builds upon the foundation laid in 9th grade World History (8000 BC-1450 CE). Students begin with a review of major themes in world history up to 1450 CE. Students look for similarities and differences in ancient, classical, and medieval societies. This course is designed to be in alignment with AP World History guidelines and should help prepare students for this AP test in May. More...


  • English: In English class, we will read a wide variety of world literature (from 1450 AD to the present) from a wide variety of cultures. Students use this literature as a window through which to understand a diverse set of cultures. As we grow to understand the world as a constantly changing place, we explore the complexities associated with establishing and maintaining cultural identity. Among the cultural voices we study are: Afghani, Russian, British, Algerian, Chinese, South African, and Native American. More...


  • Algebra II: In Algebra II, students build upon the foundation laid in Algebra I and Geometry. They continue to use both functions and relations in the study of algebraic concepts with an emphasis on the application of algebraic principles and models in real-life situations. The students learn how individuals use algebraic knowledge to make decisions that change the world by translating real-life situations to mathematical models, obtaining solutions, and then translating the solutions back into the real-life context. More...


  • Chemistry I: This first-year Chemistry course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in middle school and begins to prepare students for an AP-level Chemistry class in future years.  We study several individuals (Thompson, Rutherford, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger) who made ground-breaking discoveries in the field of Chemistry that changed the world.  More...


  • Spanish III: This year in Spanish, students gain intense practice of the compound tenses as well as in their speaking skills. The Latin American literature greats are reviewed (from 9th grade year) and selected readings from AP Spanish are also examined and discussed in depth. The political contributions of authors like Burgos, Marti and Borges are studied in conjunction with History.



  • Electives:  Students have the opportunity to take one elective course each trimester.  Courses are offered in visual arts, performing arts, healthy living, and humanities.



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