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10th Grade Service Learning

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Outreach to the Immigrant Community in Mecklenburg County

Instructors:  Amortegui & Burton

This year in Service students discover the issues facing immigrants and refugees coming into the United States.  Stereotypes, misconceptions, and other issues that complicate the immigration process are discussed in depth. Students learn about the services available to immigrants/refugees and participate in various activities geared toward facilitating immigrant needs.  A few hours of Service outside of school are required and are part of the final grade.  Students should make their best effort to work with organizations that serve immigrants/refugees, however service hours outside of this arena will still be accepted. 




3/26 - Sayre visits

3/19 Garcia Girls

3/12 Garcia Girls

3/05 No class - Assembly. NEED TO WRITE REFLECTION ON FRI FIELD TRIP (IH visit & Converge Exhibit)

2/27 Reflection on Montagnard Visit



FEB 13th - Guest Speaker: Montagnard Refugees

MAR 2nd - Field Trip to McColl Center in uptown CLT

March 26 - Guest Speaker: Sayre Weir on working on the border




Who makes up Mecklenbury Co? North Carolina? Census Info

What's an immigrant? Migrant? Refugee?

History of Mexicans in the United States

Migrant Workers

Push & Pull Factors

"Them vs Us"  

Problems for Debate - Border Wars, Hostile Politics

Adapt - who adapts? Melting pot?

 Becoming Legal  - Immigrants Today

African, Asian, European



JOURNAL REFLECTIONS:  Journals are collected at the end of each trimester!

Please write your thoughts and give commentary on articles we read, listen to and discuss in class.



Service Opportunities


2009-2010 Course Archives

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