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10th Grade Spanish Overview

Page history last edited by Laine Amortegui 9 years, 2 months ago

Tenth Grade Spanish

Instructor: Hahna Hayden

Email:  hhayden@woodlawnschool.org



Curriculum Map, Class Page, Course Guidelines, EoY Checklist, ArchivesPrerequisite for U.S. Spanish:



In Spanish, students gain intense practice of most tenses as well as in their speaking skills. The Latin American literature greats are reviewed (from 9th grade year) and selected readings from AP Spanish are examined and discussed in depth. The political contributions of authors like Burgos, Marti and Borges are studied in conjunction with History. Students do 'mini-projects' with Neruda's Odes, Storni's poetry as well as a more in-depth project on the Trujillo regime through the novel, Before We Were Free.



Text: Navegando 3. Students complete the first half of this text and continue with the second half in grade 11.


Questions to consider:

How can an author/writer change the world?

How does a dictator change the world?

How does a dictator change the perspective of the world for his citizens?

How can I change the world?


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