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2nd Grade Life Sports Overview

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Instructor: Ms. Kristen Wiesenmayer


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Life Sports teaches the value of healthy living and the fun of physical activity in everyday life. This class is designed to inspire students to have an interest in a wide variety of games and activities, well beyond the scope of traditional sports. By engaging in such, students begin to develop an understanding of their individual strengths and interests as well as an appreciation for those of others. In everything we do, attention is paid to demonstrating respect, tolerance, and cooperation -- key elements for developing a solid grasp of fair play and good sportsmanship. Students have the opportunity to work individually, with partners, in small groups, and in team settings. One component of this class has students reflecting - through both spoken and written word - on some of the experiences and activities in which they engage. These reflections, along with other records of the year, are collected in each student's Sportfolio -- a journal of sorts that will tell the story of their year in Life Sports.


Second grade Life Sports focuses on students being able to independently apply rules and safe practices for play, while working cooperatively with their fellow students. Students collaborate at the beginning of the year to identify Traits of a Good Sport and then work throughout the year to put those words into practice. In keeping with the Woodlawn way, Life Sports integrates with core classes such that themes from science, language arts, social studies, and life skills are reinforced and explored through our game environment. 


At Woodlawn, we know that physical activity keeps our bodies healthy. We also know that it keeps our minds active and spirits strong too!



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