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2nd Grade Math Overview

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Second Grade Math

Instructor: Dawn Modrak


Curriculum Map  2nd Grade Class Pages


Learning addition and subtraction facts is the foundation for being successful in any math class down the road.  We will work on these facts all year long and practice them using games, drills, and timed tests.  Please check the class pages to see which facts I am working on in class for the week and reinforce them at home as often as you can.  Students will move on to place value to the thousands and possibly above!  Mental math as well as solving multi-step word problems is also a big part of the second grade curriculum.  A challenge for students at this level is explaining verbally and in written form how we arrive at our answers but it is very important.  Finally, we will begin learning multiplication and division facts, and explore the concepts of measurement, time, money, and geometry.  We incorporate many of these skills into our everyday learning by tying it to the themes we are focusing on throughout the year in order to make it more meaningful.  We also use literature as a springboard to introduce new mathematical concepts.  For example we will read The Greedy Triangle to introduce Geometry.






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