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2nd Grade Music Overview

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Second Grade Music

Instructor: Donna Early


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The primary goal of our Second grade music program here at Woodlawn is two fold.  First we will integrate and bring to life the subjects that the second graders are learning throughout the year. Different subjects like community, town hall and citizenship, the food pyramid and healthy eating, bones and the human body, the planets in our solar system and so much more, are all put to music and reinforced through song.  But while singing our subjects, first graders will learn basic singing and voice technique. We will also be working on music theory, building on the music theory from 1st grade they will learn to recognize notes on the staff and learn to sing those notes in a melody.  They will learn about counting notes and rhythm in a song.  Each student will learn how to play the recorder and as the year progresses, be able to play along with keyboard or guitar. Choreography and dance will also be used as a tool to bring the songs to life but also reinforce rhythm. During the months of November and December, they will learn seasonal songs that help celebrate the holidays. The lower school will perform a Fall or Christmas program for  our parents and in the Spring we will be learning selected songs and choreography to be performed at Night of the Arts, our spring music performance. 







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