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5th Grade Science Overview

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Fifth Grade Science

Instructor: Jerod Jones


Curriculum MapClass Page, Archive Page, Grade 5 Curriculum Map (Use this Link for 2009-2010)


In 5th Grade science we conduct experiments and explorations related to the question, "Of what is the world made?"

We begin our studies by examining the Earth and its position in the solar system. What causes the seasons?  Why can Earth sustain life?

Next, we move from studying Earth in space to studying the actual composition of the our planet. We explore the planet from its core to its crust. We study topics such as rocks, minerals, soil, and earth's waters.

Finally, we explore some of earth's living inhabitants: plants & humans. The plant studies focus on how plants propogate and survive in earth's various habitats.  The human element explores man's impact on Earth.  How can we, as Earth's top consumers, protect its many precious resources for future generations. 


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