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6th Grade Language Arts Overview

Page history last edited by Catherine Packard 9 years, 3 months ago


 Sixth Grade Language Arts


   Instructor: Catherine Packard


   Curriculum Map, Class Page




In Language Arts, students uncover the roots of Western literature. Beginning with Greek mythology, students are asked to analyze how stories reflect societies, as well as how stories have been used as criticism of flawed societies. We read historical fiction from the medieval and Renaissance periods, the Industrial Revolution, and both World Wars. Students also focus on the elements of fiction, including plot, characterization, theme, point-of-view, and setting.


Guiding questions:

  • How can stories effect change?
  • What can we learn about societies through literature?
  • How do individuals respond to oppressive societies?
  • What are the critical elements of fiction?


Writer’s Focus:

  • Students work towards creating thorough, well-organized responses to literature.  Students learn to create a thesis statement, develop stronger paragraphs, and incorporate transitions into their writing.


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