6th Grade Math Overview

6th Grade Mathematics


Instructor:  Katie Verlin


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In 6th grade math, students use technology to analyze real world data using mathematics.  They begin the year becoming familiar with Algebraic reasoning.  They draw models to facilitate the transition of the concrete mathematical operations that they have learned in previous years into the abstract concepts of Algebra problem solving.  They also study the operations and properties of integers and the real number system.


In the 2nd trimester students focus on proportional relationships and percents.  They study data in more depth and create various types of graphs by hand and with spreadsheet software to represent data.  The also begin the study of graphs and functions.


In the 3rd trimester, students study in-depth equation solving and inequalities.  They work with the properties of 2-D and 3-D geometric figures.  They also study probability.



Problem-solving real world applications

Data Analysis


Proficiency with Spreadsheets

Wiki Editing

Collaboration using Google Documents