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6th Grade Service Overview

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Sixth Grade Service Learning


Instructors: Catherine Packard and Katie Verlin


Curriculum Map

Service Learning Links


6th grade service learning focuses on becoming Animal Advocates. Students participate in a variety of activities that allow them to learn about wild and domesticated animals and how to help protect them. Students work throughout the year to understand the impact that human society has on animals and the environment. Students also develop a greater appreciation of the diversity of animal life and a greater understanding of the interrelatedness of all life. Students study animals in the classroom by participating in a long-term science project on animal care. Students tour the Davidson College Animal Research Lab to gain an understanding of animal research and how laws protect laboratory animals.  Students tour the local humane society, raise money for the Charlotte Humane Society and Cornelius Animal Shelter by baking dog biscuits to sell, and visit the Raptor Center where they adopt a bird as a class, paying for the adoption with money earned from selling basil and tomato plants grown in their gardening enrichment class. Students maintain the school wildlife garden to gain a better understanding of the ecological web that sustains every living thing and that even humans rely on. During Art class, they create pet portraits to celebrate the animal friends in their lives. The 6th grade overnight field trip also emphasizes biodiversity and preservation of animal life in the Great Smoky Mountains.


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