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7th Grade Science Overview

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 Seventh Grade Science


  Instructor: Christopher Van Amburgh


  Curriculum Map, Class Page


In science, students examine what it means to be human by looking at the internal chemistry of both living and non-living things to gain an appreciation for the extent to which the dynamic interplay between the two helps to determine our external reality. 


While studying chemistry, we look at the molecular structure of materials to determine how they will interact. Through the observation of chemical reactions students learn how to determine what reactions have occurred. The chemistry unit transitions into a study of human biology with a focus on cellular dynamics, functions of the body systems and organ system pathophysiology.  The year continues with the study of the life processes and how structures evolve.   The year culminates with a study of air pollution which brings our year full circle as we revisit chemistry and try to design green buildings to reduce air pollution.


Students consider the following questions:

  • How does chemistry contribute to our standard of living?
  • How do photosynthesis and respiration define the elements that keep humans alive?
  • How does the human body function to keep us alive? How are humans unique in the animal world?


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