8th Grade American History Overview

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Eighth Grade American History


Instructor: Beth Robinson


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While studying American History, students make connections to events from the past and present in an attempt to answer the big question, "How did we get here?" To answer this question, students take into consideration several concepts: freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility. Students also make note of common themes that emerge in history such as reform, determination and hope. These concepts and themes are present in the primary and secondary historical resources students use, as well as in the fiction and nonfiction selections students read in class.  Early texts consist mostly of journals, letters, and speeches – from explorers, settlers, Native Americans, African Americans, and the creators of the Declaration of Independence. Our study of the 19th and 20th centuries focuses on gaining a sense of place and historical context as students read and discuss themes from novels, poetry, plays and even musical lyrics of the time.  Students develop a strong sense of voice as they write, draw, listen, perform and take field trips throughout the school year.

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