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8th Grade Art Overview

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Eighth Grade Art


Instructor: Kimberly Lysne


Curriculum Map, Class Page


How did we get here? Students answer this question in a variety of ways using art as a tool to communicate meaning, ideas, attitudes, views, and intentions.  They discover art as a mirror of our society, and as a window through which they can view and deepen their understanding of the world and themselves.  The year begins with architecture, portraiture, and landscapes in our study of American art.  Students compare and contrast this work with contemporary artwork, recognizing change over time.  They also learn about ecological art and artists and their efforts to improve the quality of our environment.  They then use what they have learned from these artists to create their own ecological artwork.  


Throughout the year, students practice the Studio Habits of Mind: develop craft, engage and persist, observe, understand art world, stretch and explore, envision, express, and reflect.  Trips to local museums and galleries provide students the opportunity to analyze and interpret a variety of artworks. 


Guiding questions:

  • What can visual images tell us about our history?  
  • How do people‚Äôs experiences influence the development of specific artworks?
  • How may artwork influence the experiences of people?


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