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8th Grade Science Overview

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Eighth Grade Science


Instructor: Christopher Van Amburgh


Curriculum Map, Class Page


In science, students uncover the answer to our big question by investigating natural laws of physics that explain how our universe, solar system, and unique environment on Earth came about. Students examine the conversion and flow of energy through ecosystems. The year culminates with an urban planning and design project in which students incorporate principles of ecology and water management into their design.


Each unit involves investigation into how energy shapes different systems. In our carbon cycle unit, students explore how organisms convert sunlight into food energy. In our physics unit, students describe the relationship between work and heat as they investigate ways to harness and use energy. In the astronomy unit, students learn how to observe and describe movement in our solar system and universe while uncovering possible explanations for the rise of our universe, planet, and life on Earth. Students analyze evidence describing how tremendous forces shape the Earth’s crust, and they look at the role of energy in the relationship between organisms and their environment. Throughout their coursework, students continually explore the tools and technology that allow scientists to develop their understanding of the universe.


Students consider the following questions:

  • What are forms of energy?
  • What can energy tell us about our universe and solar system?
  • How does energy move through our ecosystem?


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