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8th Grade Spanish Overview

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Eighth Grade Spanish

Instructor:  SeƱora Laine Amortegui

Email:  lamortegui@woodlawnschool.org

My blog:  http://senoralaine.blogspot.com/



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The 8th Grade Spanish year begins with a general overview and study of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Students examine the contributions our own society has received from notable Hispanic Americans through the first project of the academic year.

In the winter, through an integrated unit with Science, students look at the ancient Mayan culture of Mesoamerica and their contributions in Astronomy. Students examine ancient city life and how astronomy played a significant role in Mayan architecture. After ancient life, students move into modern city life of Mexico, DF. Students learn how to ask & tell directions as if they are navigating a city themselves. A project mapping out directions from school to their own home is the culmination of this unit. 

In grammar, students spend the majority of the year focusing on the differences between the Preterit and Imperfect modes of the past tense.  Spanish children's books are examined to gain a better understanding of how the past modes work together to tell a story in the past.  Students then create their own children's book as a culminating project to the academic year.  


Questions to consider:

  • How have Hispanics, particularly native Mexicans, shaped the cultural landscape of the United States today?
  • How did a city come to be and thrive in Mesoamerica? What was the crux of their civilization?  
  • How is the United States slated to change demographically or culturally over the next 50 years? 


By the end of 8th grade Spanish, students must be able to: converse in the past, using both past modes appropriately; disuss their own likes and dislikes; and talk about what they can do for themselves. Extensive focus on the 4 skill set - reading, writing, listening & speaking. 


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