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9th Grade Biology Overview

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Ninth Grade Biology


Instructor: Adah Fitzgerald


Curriculum Map, Biology Class Page


Biology is the study of how living organisms operate. Woodlawn’s biology course for 9th graders introduces students to many topics that comprise the enormous scope of biology. Students engage in studies of biological molecules, cells, genetics, and evolution.


The inquiry format of the course demands that students construct a portion of their own knowledge by observing phenomena, asking questions, and explaining concepts in the context of what they have observed and read.  The portfolio format allows students to demonstrate several levels of biology literacy. The learning process includes reading a variety of science writing including texts, scientific papers, and journalism, discussion, development of lab skills, investigating case studies, conducting experiments, and taking tests. Students use Neil Campbell’s Biology: Exploring Life as their primary text. From the foundation of knowledge introduced at the beginning of the learning process, students create portfolio projects that show knowledge and comprehension of content and show applications of the concepts. Students are expected to participate fully by keeping up with reading assignments, discussing ideas in class, and generating & executing ideas for portfolio assignments.


In keeping with Woodlawn School’s curriculum philosophy, biology integrates math, history, art, and language arts skills and concepts into science projects at appropriate points in the course. The biology course is also inherently connected with 9th grade Service Learning course, Environmental Stewardship.   


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