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Curriculum Summaries

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Woodlawn School Curriculum


By definition, our curriculum is a work in progress that is constantly being evaluated and changed in order to better challenge and engage our students.



Lower School Overview

We view Grades K through 5 at Woodlawn as a prime opportunity to prepare our students for the rigor and new way of thinking that characterizes our middle school curriculum. With gentle nudging, students begin to learn how to find answers and respond to challenges for themselves. More...


Middle School Overview

Middle school at Woodlawn is designed to engage students in the process of learning - to teach them how to learn. The middle school years are a time of substantial growth, both physically and emotionally. Students come in as children and leave as teenagers ready to enter high school. Instilling the love of learning is our top priority during these years. More...


Upper School Overview

The goal of Woodlawn's upper school program is to prepare students for their future—college, career, and lifelong learning. Life beyond high school will present each student with his or her own unique challenges and circumstances. Students need to figure out complex problems on their own so that they will have what they need to know to be successful and resourceful in their future lives. They need to be able to think on their feet, synthesize information, and write well. More...



Essential Questions


Kindergarten:  Who am I and what is my role in the community?

First Grade:  What is a community?

Second Grade:  How can I make a difference in my community and in my world?

Third Grade: How do communities change over time?

Fourth Grade: How does where/when we live influence how we live?

Fifth Grade: What is the world made of?

Sixth Grade: What does it mean to be part of a society?

Seventh Grade: What does it mean to be human?

Eighth Grade: How did we get here?

Ninth Grade: What does it mean to be civilized? Why do civilizations rise and fall?

Tenth Grade: How do individuals change the world? How does the world shape individuals?

Eleventh Grade:  What is our role in the global society?  What is the American identity?

Twelfth Grade:  What is knowledge?


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