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English Literature and Composition

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AP English Literature and Composition


Instructor: Tim Helfrich


Curriculum map , Class-Page


Throughout the year, we will engage in a college-level study of American writers of the 19th and 20th century and elements of literary composition. The literature that we read will offer a varied and informative portrait of American culture: from 1880-1960, from New York to Alaska. Our authors are male and female, black, white, and Chicano, wealthy and impoverished.  We will study important historical and cultural events to help us understand each novel. We will attempt to understand how American literature fits into the world of literature. We will identify what is uniquely American about each novel, and how each novel responds to the notion of the American Dream.


Some of the essential questions we will focus on this year:

What is the American Dream?

How has the American Dream changed over time?

What does it mean to be an American?


Additionally, this course will offer an introduction to the basics of literary criticism. Students will be asked to apply various schools of literary criticism to several of the novels. We will read and write each day. Students will publish work frequently. You will be asked to share your work and to critique each other’s work. Of the written pieces we will publish will be: creative writing, short story, poetry, literary criticism, research-response to a novel.



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