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Middle School Overview

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Middle School Overview


Middle school at Woodlawn is designed to engage students in the process of learning - to teach them how to learn. The middle school years are a time of substantial growth, both physically and emotionally. Students come in as children and leave as teenagers ready to enter high school. Instilling the love of learning is our top priority during these years. This is a critical time to show our students how to figure out complex problems on their own, to find out what they don’t know, and to master thinking skills, not just information. Within the safety of our school community, we strongly promote individuality, appreciation of differences, and personal responsibility as students discover who they are and where their interests lie.


Our middle school program encompasses the core subjects of language arts, social studies, math, science, Spanish, as well as enrichment classes that include visual arts, fitness, personal development, cooking, personal finance, current events, dance/yoga and music.  So that our students understand how these core subjects fit together in the real world, we provide an integrated curriculum where meaningful and relevant connections are made between these academic disciplines when it makes sense to do so. The size of our classes is small—typically 15 students per teacher.



Big Questions:


When Woodlawn students complete middle school, they are able to utilize the following life skills:

  • communicate clearly
  • work effectively with others
  • understand issues from multiple viewpoints
  • have the ability to use good judgment (common sense)
  • synthesize and analyze information to solve problems
  • make intellectual connections
  • be aware of ethical issues
  • have a sense of responsibility for self and the external world.


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