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7th Grade Class Page

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Have a fun & safe summer! See you in August!

Summer Resource Links, Supply Lists & Book Lists will be sent via email by Angela McKenzie during the week of June 9th.


International Trip 2016






Student Handbook 2014-15.pdf


Absence Form:

Woodlawn Middle School Absence Form.pdf



OPEN WORKSHOP time (for extra practice and/or help) held by all MS teachers on Mondays & Thursdays this year from 3:25-3:55.


 Important Dates:

The items posted here include field trips, tests, quizzes, assemblies, school socials, and some miscellaneous events.  Both students and parents are encouraged to check this posting regularly to help keep agendas and personal calendars up-to-date.  Some dates are subject to change.


Date/Assignment or Event













June 4 - Last Day of School (Commencement)

Reports go out June 12

Project Work Time: 

PWT this week is:

 Architecture as Activism

Week At A Glance

Coursework:  These notes give students the topics covered in their courses with links to individual Course Class Pages. 



Social Studies

Welcome to our study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Please click the Social Studies link for class information.

Language Arts

Please click on the link for more information about language arts this week!

Suggestions for Independent Reading Books


Please click on the link for information about math class.

Click on the link for more information.

Por favor, haz clic en el enlace de la página de la clase para ver lo que hacemos.

Visual Arts


Please click on the link for more information.
Music Please click on the link for more information about music class.

MS Fitness

Remember, you MUST wear proper shoes and bring a NOTE if you are to be excused from participating. 

Service Learning

"Perspectives on Poverty," explores the guiding question of what it means to be human by exposing students to the complex issue of poverty.

Life Skills-7


Click on the link for more information about Life Skills class.





If you are absent, you MUST:

1. Download a Missing Assignments Form.  See the link at the top of the page.

2. If it is a planned absence, you must bring the form around to all of your teachers before the absence so you will know what you will be missing and the due dates for missed assignments.  If it is an unplanned absence, please take the form around to all of your teachers immediately upon your return to school.  You may do this before or after class, before or after school, or during your breaks or work times.  


Your teacher may ask you to:

1. look at the Class Page,
2. check individual subject pages to see what you have missed, 
3. and copy notes by hand from a classmate (or two) as soon as (or before!) you return. 


It is your responsibility to figure out what work you have missed, and to schedule time with your teachers to take missed quizzes and tests.  For unplanned absences you have two days for every day you have missed to complete work (there may be some exceptions). For planned absences, you need to speak with your teachers before you leave or you may forfeit the right to make up any missed work.






Field Trips/Guest Speakers/Events

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