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Kindergarten Social Studies Overview

Page history last edited by Nyasha Grennan 5 years, 9 months ago

Instructor:  Nyasha Grennan

Assistant:  Chris Zammit


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This year in Social Studies, Kindergarteners focus on building their community within the classroom and at school right from the very first day. Together they write their classroom promises which is a list of rules, expectations, and promises that they make to each other this school year. They explore calendar holidays through two major themes:  Patriotism and People.  Kindergarteners get to know each other by exploring the origins of their names, and the names of their friends.  They will learn about maps and the symbols and signs that they see in the community.  Students will take a step back in time and explore and compare communities from the past and present.  Finally, students in Kindergarten will keep track of their "first" year of school by creating the scrapbook called, "The Seasons of Kindergarten."





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