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Third Grade Life Skills Overview

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Instructor:  Debbie Lolla


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Life Skills is an enrichment course that covers real-life topics that are age-appropriate and prepares students on how to handle themselves during challenging situations that may occur on a day-to-day basis.


Third grade students will determine what life skills are necessary to build a community while examining three unit themes: Friendship, Collaboration, and Diversity. The unit on friendship will explore what it means to show respect, have patience, and exhibit acceptance and tolerance for others. Students will also learn techniques in problem solving, resolving conflicts, and effective communication. The unit on friendship transitions into a unit on collaboration. Third grade students will pool their individual strengths and work together to develop compassion and courtesy for others within a community. This unit has a direct tie to the third grade service learning project of working with homeless families at Fifth Street Ministry in Statesville.   Finally, third graders will use skills taught in previous units to fully appreciate a unit on diversity. Students will examine diversity within a community by looking at different age-groups, races, religions, and physical and mental differences.


The Life Skills units will be presented through the use of thematic literature, journaling, and self-reflective writing. Role playing, skits, and class discussion will also be a part of the Life Skills curriculum.  Students will be asked to consider the following question:  What Life Skills are necessary to build a community?



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