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7th Grade Social Studies Class Guidelines

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7th Grade Social Studies Guidelines 

Ms. Robinson


Contact Information:  brobinson@woodlawnschool.org


Course Objectives: 

To increase and enrich student understanding of both the struggles and triumphs of humans in the regions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To develop effective research skills which allow students to sort through the vast amounts of historical information available.

To organize collected information and effectively communicate what has been learned through different forms of media. 



Social Studies Notebook (2 pocket folder)

Lined paper

Blue or black pen or pencil





Notebook:  A notebook of classwork and homework will be collected periodically throughout the trimester.  This notebook is graded for content and organization. 

Projects:  Projects are given throughout the trimester and assessed using a rubric.


Quizzes/Tests:  Quizzes will be announced 2 days in advance.  Tests will be announced one week in advance.  Students missing a test due to a planned absence will make up the test on the day they return.  Students missing a test due to an unplanned absence plan make up the test within two days after returning to school or at the discretion of the teacher.


Class Participation:  Participation in class in required and assessed.  Students should be prepared, on task and respectful to all.


Absentee Procedure:

For planned or unplanned absences:  Check the 7th Grade Social Studies Class Page for missed topics. Check with Ms. Nancy in Stinson Hall for the proper missed assignments form.  Have the teacher initial this form. (This should be completed ahead of time, if you have a planned absence.) Complete the assignments and include them in your notebook or hand them in as directed by the teacher.


Late Work: Late notebooks and projects may be handed in one day late but students lose 10% of their grade for that notebook or project.  Students not making up tests within the specified amounts of time lose 10% per day.













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