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6th Grade Music Overview

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6th grade Music and Art Architecture


The primary focus in sixth grade music will be to enhance the curriculum through composition of song and rhythm. Students learn to sing, how to play keyboard/piano and all the orchestral string instruments. We also focus heavily on music history (relating to 6th grade social studies curriculum), music compositions (hand written and digitally) as well as music theory. Students who already have piano or strings experience will be evaluated and continue instruction at their current level. For students new to these instruments, we begin with basic playing technique and reading notes.  We also encourage all of our 6th grade students who take lessons and play other instruments to bring them to class later during the trimester. We use their talents and their instruments to enhance our class. We want our students to play and practice on their own, as well as play with other people, keep rhythm and lead with others following. We perform during the holiday season as well as a spring performance toward the end of the year with other possible performance opportunities throughout the year.



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