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7th Grade Visual Arts

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7th Grade Visual Arts



Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Week of  Focus  Studio Activity  Research/Resources 

March 16





-Organize/clean studio for spring trimester (see white board)

-Clean out dry storage area

-Find your projects in progress

-Glaze pottery pieces


Let me know (on your Winter SHoM rubric) 

-What do you really enjoy about your time in the art studio? 

-What would you do to make the studio into the place you want it to be? 

-What stations would you like to see open for spring trimester?

-Send images to me of ideas you'd like to try or design problems you'd like to solve




March 23



Continue African


Inspired Stations


3/28 Trip to Thomasboro for Friendship Fringe 


Guest speaker - Amahoro Burundi 





March 30 Continue Africa Stations    
April 13



April 20      
April 27 overnight trip     
May 4 Prep for field trip

Trip to Davidson College to meet with Sustainability Director

Trip to Roger Layman Architecture firm to meet with architect and designer

May 11

Concept/Space Plan

Floor Plan

Model Building

May 18 Finishes Board    
May 25 Studio for AasA    
June 1 Presentation     




Winter Trimester

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Week of  Focus  Studio Activity  Research/Resources 

Dec 1

films  finish photography   

Dec 8

films final photos and edits  

Dec 15

film  edit and add sound    
Winter Break       
Jan  5 Films 

Finish films and recycle sets and props






terra cotta clay figurines

stop-motion film


Collaborative Film Project Reflection

Engage and Persist - What level of personal effort do you feel you put into this project 

Stretch and Explore

What are the three most important things you learned during this project?

Understanding Arts Community

What was the nicest thing you did for your team during this project?


Overall, how did your participation in this team project make you feel?  Please explain your answer. 

Jan 12  SE Asia arts and crafts

Reflect on films (see questions above



Stop-motion films

Terra cotta clay figurines

Embroidery - drawing with thread

Mandala - found object ephemeral collaborative project






Mandala - ephemeral 



Jan 19  SE Asian arts and crafts continued
Jan 26  SE Asian arts and crafts continued 

Watch films and reflect on them. 

Intro to Batik

Feb 2 SE Asian Stations    
Feb 9 African inspired stations 

Textiles (printing)


Feb 16 (no classes this week)  



Feb 23 (only 1 class this week) Service Learning

Friendship Fringe



Prepare for trip to Thomasboro on Friday



March 2 African inspired stations 

Landscapes - Mixed Media (demo oil pastel and acrylic)

Small scale models

Prepare for exhibition 
Please bring a photo of your African region and typical dwellings to art class.  The image may be printed or saved on your desk top.  



Portfolio Review Week


Asia/Africa inspired exhibition





Fall Trimester

Week of Focus Studio Activity





August 25


  • Combine two different words to “jump start” your imagination. 
  •  Use drawing materials and collage


Sept 1 Work with the first grade students to create a collaborative weaving    
Sept 8

Design Problem:

  • Create a tea bowl and tea pot to be used in tea ceremony



  • Learn clay vocabulary
  • Demonstrate pinch and coil methods 
  • Find the mass of the tea bowl (science integration)


  • Craftsmanship - be mindful of the process
  • Check for uniform thickness
  • Smooth rough edges and cracks
  • Put name on bottom of all of your pieces 
Sept 15 Stations - Collage & weaving    
Sept 22

Glaze Tea Bowls in preparation for tea ceremony on Wednesday

Introducing - Calligraphy and Art of the Brush

Introduction to Sculpture - students will work in contemplation garden or create their own miniature garden. 

Field trip to McColl Center to see the work of contemporary quilter, Maria Shell, and the sculptures of Austin Ballard  

Attachment Challenge - introduction to sculpture.   
Sept 29

Work in open stations

Discuss McColl trip and possible ideas for collaborative quilt

Open Stations


Oct 6

M: Prep for field trip

T: Field trip to Cornelius Art Center

F: No class 

Oct 13

M - Studio stations

Th - Intro to film

F - No class because of Homecoming

Oct 20

Movie studio time

F- no classes

Begin planning and developing sets and characters 

 Discuss SHoM and Exhibition pieces

Oct 27 Movie studio time  
Nov 3-17

Movie studio time

Share progress with peers   











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